B-SIDE: a Barrier to Stop in-Door domino Effect

Welcome to the Blog implemented in the framework of the European Project B-SIDE: a Barrier to Stop in-Door domino Effect, co-funded by the DAPHNE Programme of the European Commission.
The Project foresees the implementation of specific interventions for the recovery of the relationship between women victims of domestic violence and their children witnesses of this violence.
The Project is implemented in partnership with different women centers in Italy, Spain and Hungary and aims at testing, standardizing and spreading the recovery programs for CWDV and their mothers at National and European level.
Children Witnesses of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is one of the most pervasive human rights challenges of our time. UN was calculating in 2006 that each year, between 133 million and 275 million are the CWDV in the world. The majority of incidents of domestic violence are undocumented and very few people take into consideration the hidden problem of children witnesses of violence in close or intimate relationships. The children continue to suffer the pervasive consequences of witnessing domestic violence, within themselves and in relation with the world because they learn that abuse is acceptable. Growing they are more likely to commit suicide, abuse drugs or alcohol, being unemployed, commit violence against their partners or against their peers from non-violent homes, becoming victims of violence. Thus, these behaviors create a continuous cycle of domestic violence, creating a new generation of victims and witnesses.
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